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Specialty Books provides students with immediate access to all the textbooks, course materials, and supplemental items needed to get on track with learning. Institutions rely on our comprehensive, flexible fulfillment services–including online ordering, complete inventory services, and direct-to-student delivery of textbooks and course materials. All at no cost to your school!
  Specialty Books gives you:

Your own custom web-based bookstore
  • Built to precisely match your booklist and schedule
  • Looks and works like part of your website
  • Features your school logo and colors
High levels of student satisfaction
  • Timely, direct-to-student delivery of new and used textbooks, any course materials, clothing, and more
  • Easy, secure ordering process–we help students match textbooks to classes, use financial aid, and more
  • Multiple payment options, including financial aid
  • Friendly return and buyback programs
Responsive administration services
  • Knowledgeable textbook adoption support
  • Easy-to-understand tracking and reporting
  • Notification of new editions, publisher special offers
A dependable revenue source
  • We offer flexible commission options based on your institution's needs
  • No start-up costs, no hidden fees
 Specialty Books
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